“It's the possibility of having a dream
come true that makes life interesting.”
 - Paulo Coelho

Driftwood or recycle wood and LED lighting : for a pure, natural, trendy and eco-friendly decor!

Whether for a return to nature or for a pure and Zen interior, wood is THE most wanted, on-trend material! Throughout the different types of wood available, Driftwood is unique, rare and the most ecological to be found!

Coming from trees or tree branches, this wood has been thrown into and transported by our lakes and rivers by the power of the wind. It has weathered storms, currents and tides to wash up on the shore, patiently waiting to be picked up, and turned into a masterpiece that will transcend time.

In using driftwood as a decorative element, we are putting raw materials to good use and breathing new life into our forests by bringing out the best in nature’s refuse.

Accompanied by LED lighting, Pür Cachet decorative accessories and furnitures are not only trendy and first quality, but also entirely recyclable and consume very little energy.

Pür Cachet is a design concept that answers the needs of present generations without harming future generations.